Mark Co (FIT / Kamphuis-Fabricio) World Champion 2015!!!

Congratulations to all FIT’s competitors on the  2015 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship!
The team was very well represented by Ismat Abdulhamid, Mohammednour Al-asbahi, Ruba Sayegh, Rana Qubbaj, Lama Qubbaj (FIT / The Source MMA), Marc Lim, Michael Lim and Mark Co ( FIT/ Kamphuis-Fabricio).
Mark Oliver Ho Co was the world champion on rooster weight adult white belt!!! Mark represents Kamphuis-Fabricio (FIT Philippines/ Davao) and won 04 fights (2 submissions , 2 by points) to conquer the gold!
The world title shows that the team is on the right way and confirms the great job realized by master Stephen Kamphuis on Southeast Asia, especially in Philippines.


Mark Co2 Mark Co

Marc Lim2  Marc Lim

Michael Lim Michael Lim

Ruba Ruba Sayegh

Rana Rana Qubbaj

Lama Lama Qubbaj

Ismat Ismat Abdulhamid


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