Alexandre Esperon (FIT – Bruxels) Seminar in Sweden (Mjolby Fight Gym).

Alexandre Barcelos Esperon, 2nd degree black belt under Fabricio Martins, will hold seminars between December 11th through 14th at his student, Martin We’s school in Mjolby, (FIT/ Sweden), further strengthening the team’s expansion in Europe.

Alexandre decided to exclusively dedicate his life to Jiu-Jitsu when he left Brazil in 2009. Venturing throughout Europe, Alexandre left his deep knowledge of the sport in several different countries including Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, where he is currently based off in Brussels.

Very determined in sharing his philosophy, Alexander has a rather peculiar way of teaching Jiu-Jitsu. The result of his vibrant leadership can be reflected in the recent Jiu-Jitsu competitions held in Europe, in which FIT/Alexandre Esperon take part in, with his students obtaining excellent results.


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